Toby Regal was born in Stockholm, Sweden 19 August 1980, and loved music since he was a kid. He spent most of his allowance on buying albums, and could spend hours in a shop trying to find music that he liked. His passion for music turned him into a singer, songwriter and producer. He wrote his first song when he was nineteen.

He studied Music Production in Stockholm (School of Audio Engineering and Kulturama), music History (Stockholm University) and decided to move to Scotland to study composition. However, this ended up being a long break from music, and many friends and family encouraged him on occassion to get back to creating music and producing music again.

Toby Regal describes his music as catchy and his lyrics are telling his stories and are personal. Toby sees creating music as therapeutic experience, as it feels better to get all the feelings and experiences out on paper. It also helps him to grow as a person and work through experiences.

Living in Lisbon renewed and brought inspiration. After a divorce, Toby was set on making a change to his life, and handed in his resignation, booked a one way ticket and arranged temporary accomodation before he even had a job or a real plan.

Making music again seemed like a natural decision, and after a few months of writing and producing music again he released his first single.